Living in Greater Harmony With Ourselves and Others Requires These Eight Commitments

April 20, 2019

Living in Greater Harmony With Ourselves and Others Requires These Eight Commitments

By Stephanie Scavelli

Full moons are all about illuminating aspects of our life and subconscious mind that we couldn’t see or access before. Through the illumination we can be honest, assess and make changes as needed to improve the quality of our outer lives and better integrate our fragmented inner consciousness.

April 19, 2019 was a powerful Full Moon in Libra. Libra is the sign of justice, balance and harmony symbolized by scales. This particular Full Moon carried a powerful energy for letting old paradigms dissolve in order to re-organize life towards new ways of being that are more harmonious, balanced and just. Can you feel the shift?


In honor of the recent Libra Full Moon I embrace the illumination of my life and honor my life’s path as rich with experience (as opposed to fraught with failure). The challenging relationships in my life are not tests meant for me to pass or fail; rather, they are teachers whom I am to learn about myself from.  Each time I am presented with a difficult interaction or feel myself slip into disempowerment it means I have been presented with an opportunity and a choice. 

Maturing in how we express ourselves in our personal relationships is a right-of-passage into adulthood. Making mistakes in relationships is where we have the most potential to learn and grow as spiritual beings. I have been making the mistake of being too loose and open with my energy and allowing those who operate on a lower vibration of fear and power dynamics to take advantage of what I was too freely giving. From my mistakes I learned a powerful lesson in self-worth and the responsibility of protecting my sacred space - my mind, my body and my essence. With these eight commitments I am empowered to make new choices that resonate greater harmony in relation to myself and others.

#1. I know who I am.

I am responsible for knowing who I am and what I want and need from life. When I interact with others I stand firm in who I already know myself to be.

#2. I acknowledge in the present moment feelings of resentment or disempowerment.

I am responsible for being fully aware in the present moment of feelings of resentment, anger or frustration which are indicators that I am compromising what I know to be right or true for myself. It is my responsibility to speak my truth, set my boundaries or depart the dynamic. If I am experiencing chronic resentment and disempowerment, it is my responsibility to depart the relationship.

#3. I prioritize my self-care.

It is my responsibility to know how to take care of myself and prioritize taking care of myself. I am willing to show myself just how important I am and that I deserve those experiences in which I can rest and renew. I build relationships with people who also respect and honor my need for self-care.

#4. I discern between my genuine energies and the toxic influence of others.

It is my responsibility to discern between my authentic emotional expression versus absorbing the emotions of others, especially if they are low vibrational energies. If my energy has been compromised with toxic energy, immediately identify it, release it and restore myself to wholeness.

#5. I let go of the need to people please or act like a chameleon.

This is where knowing myself is extremely important. If I come into a situation presented as my fully expressed authentic self then I am already equipped with the tools to express myself genuinely to others without the need to people please or conform in order to be accepted.

#6. I regularly meditate on themes of self-acceptance.

In order to dissolve the experience of rejection, abandonment and powerlessness in my outer reality, I must resolve these experiences in how I relate to myself. I deserve to accept myself for exactly who I am. I deserve to be present with my feelings. It is my responsibility to practice within myself compassion, self-forgiveness and non-judgement.

#7. I bring ritual into my life that honors my Higher Self.

I honor a relationship to a soul connection to my Higher Self and my divine feminine energy. Connecting to this higher energy will empower me with vibrational energies of love that arise from within me during life’s challenging moments. It is an act self respect to build relationships with others who honor their higher selves too.


#8. I spend time in silent observation in Nature.

I am willing to re-connect to the magic of life to give greater meaning and perspective to the gift of being alive.

By honoring these eight commitments you honor the Libra inside each of you striving for a more balanced, harmonious and just life.

Peace and Love,


About the Author

Certified Yoga Instructor Stephanie Scavelli practices a plant-based diet and traditional herbal medicine. She laughs endlessly at the adventurous whit of the animation series Rick & Morty. She wears minimalist, barefoot-inspired shoes and her favorite dessert is her sister's Oatmeal Crusted Vegan Pumpkin Pie. Stephanie lives in Westchester County, NY with her daughter Juniper. For yoga classes and workshops near you visit